Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Google Street Views: Witness Protection

day 1: Planning the destination
I'll be sort of "cheating" with this, the 9th Street Views set of posts. (Reason is because I'm barely keeping up with my custom portrait commissions due dates, so just don't have the time for a new "Street View A Day" right now.)

Anyway, the end result will be an oil painting I did many years ago, painted from a photo I took when in this area. The fun part is that I just found a Google Street View image that is very close to my own photo! So, it is sort of a backwards 5-step process.

Where are we going?
~ It is a place in the United States.
~ It is a town built on the steep cliffs of an old copper mine now known to be home to people in the United States Federal Witness Protection Program.

Sounds intriguing, Right? This place is ...just that.

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