Monday, June 24, 2013

Finished Painting: "Woman In Window, Assisi Italy"

day 4, the finished painting:
Hope you like it!

"Woman In Window, Assisi Italy" has been sold.
oil painting of a pensive woman looking out window, elbows outside. blue sutters open, red orange curtain behind her, brick wall with shadow shapes
"Woman In Window, Assisi Italy"
 8x10" oil on prepared linen pad by puci


  1. Hi, I love your woman looking out a window in Assisi. Like you, I am also a traveller and painter. May I use your painting on my FB site if I put your name and copyright on it? Last week, I did Seven Kisses for Seven Days with famous and not-so famous paintings (i.e. one of mine!) Next week, I want to do the same with Woman at a Window. Needless to say, I also have one! (Carol's Studio) I am selling my work for a charity. Cheers, Carol

  2. Hi Tootie! Yes, certainly.
    I found your "Kiss" painting on facebook. It's terrific! This is my fb biz page:

    Salute! ~puci


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