Thursday, July 14, 2016

Remembering (Cambodia), 58

The Finished Painting  
As I was painting, I remembered some helpful words I heard in a portrait tutorial video by Stan Miller: "...choose a color that matches the value of your shape... can be any color you want... doesn't matter what color you use... even though we're painting a face, doesn't matter... but get the values right...'

I'm very pleased with this painting. I think I did this lovely young woman justice.
"Remembering" is for sale, with more photos too:

REMEMBERING (Cambodia), 8x10" oil painting by puci

Visual Inspiration
Still in Cambodia, I was in search of a relatively clear face on Google Street Views to use as a jumping-off point to practice my human portraiture. After about an hour, I conceded to one that was blurry yet inspiring. The really inspiring image was the one I found online of this woman (credit: Jacek Piwowarczky). The lighting, her 3/4 angle pose, her natural beauty & her troubled-yet gentle expression are wonderful.

Cambodia is a country struggling to heal from a horrific history. The 1970's torture & genocide of up to 3 million people are atrocities not to be forgotten.
Cambodian woman, Google Street View
Cambodian woman, photo: Jacek Piwowarczky

The Destination
Traveling with The Virtual Paintout group to find inspiring images on Google Street Views to transform in to original paintings. This month we're meeting in Cambodia for some virtual "real life" painting. This is my 2nd painting in Cambodia. Here's a direct link to the spot where I found inspiration to paint:
Google Maps, Cambodia

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Three Men on a Bench, Cambodia, 57

The Finished Painting  
The composition was the thing in this painting. Shadows weren't important, nor was a realistic surrounding space --just as long as I didn't have the guys sitting on ...nothing. I normally don't paint so "flat" but this seemed like the thing to do. The surrounding colors emerged as I went along, from trial-&-error. The 1950's painter Ben Shahn (an artist who's design-sense I admire) came to mind as I painted. The middle man's shirt is probably the most minimal but it works, I think, because the shape of it says "shirt" and because of the distinctively light color in the center spot.
This painting is for sale, with more photos too:
3 Men on a Bench, 8x10" oil painting by puci
Visual Inspiration
I knew I wanted to get in some practice painting a facial portrait or some figures. I came across lots of people interacting together in a way that would make for an interesting composition. But something about the design of these 3 guys sitting together on a bench captured my attention the most. Too bad (for me anyway) that Google blurs faces in the street views. I gathered some faces online to use as my reference guides

Btw, do you notice the red wristbands/strings? This is apparently worn by practitioners of 4 different faiths: Hinduism, Kabbalah, Buddhism and Christianity. "It is believed that the left side of the body is the receiving side, so wearing it on the left side allows the receiving of good fortunes and luck to come to you." ( )
Google Street View,Wat Phnom Cambodia

The Destination

I'm traveling with The Virtual Paintout group again.This month we're meeting in CAMBODIA for some virtual painting fun via Google Street Views. Here's a direct link to the visual I've decided to paint:

Google Maps, Cambodia