Monday, June 10, 2019

Library Exhibit Info

Hello! If you're reading this, you may have followed a link posted at the Livingston MT/Park County public library, where many of my "Street Views" paintings are currently on exhibit & for sale.

These paintings are from my "Paintings along the Superhighway" series & blog post. Here's the link to the gallery page:;pageID=7073161673607910432;onPublishedMenu=allpages;onClosedMenu=allpages;postNum=0;src=link

I've been a fine arts oil painter for ...a long time! with collectors world-wide. I also paint custom oil portrait paintings (of pets & people) from your photos:

Info about the paintings on exhibit:
• the 30 paintings on exhibit are sold as-is, unframed and in their original state before cropping
• all are oil paintings on primed/prepared canvas paper, canvas pad or cut canvas at approx. 8x10"
• each painting is $97 with free shipping within the U.S.
• each painting is based on a scene that caught-my-eye via google street views virtual travel
• questions &/or interested in purchase? Please email me at

(caption below each painting has info & link to blog post )
1. The Final Gate

2. Tulips (Czech Republic)
3. Crossing theThreshold (Via Borgo Aretino, Assisi, Umbria Italy)
4. Brooklyn Bridge (New York USA)
5. Remembering (Cambocia)

   6. Homeward Bound (Golden Gate Park in San Francisco CA USA)
7. Norwegian Woods (Norway)
8. Donato (Lazio, Italy)
9. Carpenter (Lazio, Italy)
10. Filomena (Lazio, Itlay)
11. Three Men on a Bench (Cambodia)

12. The Stones Speak (Joshua Tree Natl Park, Mojave Desert, CA USA)
13. NY (New York USA)
14. Pristine Light (Møre og Romsdal, Norway)
15. Sheep (Cheviot Mornin, Scotland)
16. A Way IN (Majorca, Spain)
17. It Hasta be Shasta (Mt. Shasta, CA USA)
18. The Red Umbrella (Gaberone, South Africa) SOLD
19. Arches (Arches Nat'l Park, Moab, Utah USA)
20. Sea Turtle (Texas Gulf Coast USA)
21. Grand Canyon #1 (GC Nat'l Park, AZ USA)

22. Grand Canyon #2 (GC Nat'l Park, AZ USA)
23. Grand Canyon #3 (GC Nat'l Park, AZ USA)
24. Grand Canyon #4 (GC Nat'l Park, AZ USA)

25. Cows inear Swaziland (South Africa) SOLD
26. Light House (Cape Alguhas, South Africa)
27. Greensleeves (New Zealand)
28. Ocean Beach, San Francisco CA
29. Angel Clouds (LAX airport in Los Angeles, CA. USA)