Friday, September 6, 2013

The Finished Painting: "Homeward Bound" 16

day 4: the finished painting
Well, since the 2 figures are too small for much of any detail, yet since they are such an important part of the painting, I had to dig into my bag-o'-tricks to make sure they are indeed the focal point of the painting. So, I used a thick build-up of white on the woman's shirt; made sure the setting around them had warm tones; angled the trees & highlights to be "pointing" to them; and created some stark contrasts with hard edges. The idea is to have lots of interesting stuff going on, so the viewer's eye keeps moving around the whole painting but keeps coming back to them and around again.

I like to think this painting tells a story too:
~ Has this elderly woman had her beloved companion since he/she was a pup?
~ They both look tired, so are probably going home. What kind of home do they share? Who will get the first drink of water, the woman or the dog?

"Homeward Bound" is for sale (with more photos too):

"HOMEWARD BOUND", 8x10" Original Oil Painting by puci

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