Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Google Street Views: Golden Gate Park 16

day 2: Capturing the selected image
Have I mentioned that I grew up just across the street from Golden Gate Park? My little dog Alfie & I found many special spots in that huge urban wilderness. The path along John F. Kennedy Drive led us right to the ocean. The north (Dutch) windmill still stands; it was my landmark beacon proclaiming that Ocean Beach was just a few hundred feet away.

So of course, when I found this scene of the woman&dog close to this windmill along John F. Kennedy Drive, I knew I had found my image to paint. I'll create the composition in the 10x8" tall format, so that the woman&dog will be even more dwarfed by the giant (Monterey?) pine trees. Yet, they will remain the focal point not only because of the tonal contrast but because the way they are strolling together so tenderly captures the viewers mind and imagination so vividly.

Here's some interesting stuff about the windmills:

the Google Street View image, Golden Gate Park; inspiration for the painting-to-be

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