Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Antonia Island, Philippines, 49

The Finished Painting
So many choices to make while painting... but 2 things I knew for sure was that I wanted my 2 gates to be subtle yet noticeable; and that I wanted the blues in the sea & sky to be similar yet contrasting. Also, I thought I'd be painting the girl with more detail, but decided to stop as soon as her form properly emerged.

"Antonia Island, Philippines" is for sale:
ANTONIA ISLAND, PHILIPPINES, 8x10" oil painting by puci

Visual Inspiration
I'm drawn to portals (gates, doorways, windows, etc.) and this scene inspired an "open portal" painting idea, with the 2 gates on either side of the girl as she climbs higher.
Google Street View, Antonia Island

The Destination
I'm traveling with The Virtual Paintout group again, and this month we're meeting in The Philippines for some virtual painting via Google Street Views. Here's a direct link to the spot I've decided to paint:
Google Maps, Philippines