Thursday, September 1, 2016

Yellowstone National Park USA, 63

This is the centennial year of the USA National Parks system. I'm taking part in a group art show celebrating this milestone. My 4 paintings are all representative of Yellowstone National Park. (Although The Grand Canyon National Park will always have a special place in my heart too.)

As well, I have fond memories as a kid of Summer road trips with my dad as he and I hit many of the national parks & state parks in the western areas. Precious times...

Following are the 4 paintings for the show, and for sale this month through the Livingston Center For Art and Culture. (These prices reflect the gallery retail prices.)

all 4 paintings together, just before bringing them to the gallery

PRISMATIC SPRING, 12x12" oil on canvas, $150
PRISMATIC SPRING (showing side gallery wrap-around feature)
GREAT FOUNTAIN GEYSER (showing side gallery wrap-around feature)
GREAT FOUNTAIN GEYSER, 12x12" oil on canvas, $150
TOURIST SEASON, oil on canvas board, $150
TOURIST SEASON (another view showing frame, included)
NATURAL WONDER IN A VIRTUAL WORLD, 18x24", oil on hardwood panel, $430
NATURAL WONDER IN A VIRTUAL WORLD (showing frame, included)