Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Norwegian Woods, 59

The Finished Painting   
One of the lovely visuals about snow is that it is highly reflective. The colors I love reflected most are pinkish highlights & bluish shadows; so it's not surprising I guess, that these 2 colors made their way into this painting.

"Norwegian Woods" will soon be for sale.
NORWEGIAN WOODS, 8x10" oil painting by puci


Visual Inspiration
Seems kind of odd to be painting snow when the temp outside is currently 95 degrees. Maybe it's a way to cool off...? Anyway, my mission was 3-fold:
1. to paint something 
2. to paint something in Norway (along with the other "Virtual Paintout" artists in Norway this month)
3. to paint a forest (along with the other "Daily Paintworks" artists, this week being "The Forest Challenge")
Jarsbergveien, Buskerud in Norway, Google Street View

The Destination
We are in Norway, searching for a forest (see "Visual Inspiration" above).  Here's a direct link to the spot I've decided to paint:
Google Maps, Norway

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