Sunday, August 14, 2016

A New Direction at 60, 60

Interestingly, This is blog post #60 and I happen to be 60 years of age right now. Maybe I've painted 60 paintings so far this year too (sounds about right). Anyway, I've decided to take a new direction with the theme of this blog since it's conception in May 2013.

I was initially really excited with Google Street Views as a way to "travel the world" and to record my journeys in the form of oil paintings. I had decided to limit this blog to only those finished paintings inspired by virtual images I found on Google Street Views. I'm still very taken with Google Street Views as an artistic tool, but I've decided to also also include paintings created directly from life as well as paintings inspired from my own photos.

So, onward to blog post #61, where I share the results of my recent week-long participation with the other 24 artists in the "Plein Air Painting on the Yellowstone 2016"...

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