Thursday, January 16, 2014

Il Falegname (The Carpenter), 28

day 5: a day (or more) of rest

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources." ~Albert Einstein

day 4: the finished painting
The wonderful paintings of Henri Matisse & Milton Avery came to mind as I was painting/experimenting with shapes & colors. (Simplicity can be as complex as complexity!)

This painting is for sale (with lots more photos too) in my online store:
IL FALEGNAME (THE CARPENTER),  8x10" original oil painting by puci

day 3: creating the pre-painting composition (using Adobe Photoshop)
Not sure how I will approach this painting. I think that "flipping" it was the right thing to do. I wonder if the spirit of my ancestors will come forth in this one too...

day 2: capturing the selected image
Here's the third of three Italians from Lazio, Italy. Until Google updates this street view, you may find this man just as I did here:

day 1: planning the destination
As mentioned in the nearly last post of 2013, "An Interruption", I snuck away to Italy amidst the Christmas rush. I decided to traverse via Google Street View to Lazio Italy, specifically the region of Isola del Liri, hoping to find there the spirit of mi familia and capture 3 Italians to paint.

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