Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Golf, 42

5: thoughts between paintings
Turns out that painting and golfing are not so different after all:
" The ability to separate your visual and attentional focus is an essential skill for playing golf. Why? We have to look away form our intended Target to execute. The good news is that your visual and attentional focus are independent brain functions."  
~from Target-Orientet-Golf

4: the finished painting
I'm pretty happy with this. I muted the colors overall. (The actual painting has better color harmonies; hard to photograph). The deepest contrasts are in the pond, which I thought I had destroyed/overworked but finally got it right.

This painting has been sold.
GOLF, original 7.5" x 10" oil painting by puci

3: creating the pre-painting composition (using Adobe Photoshop)
I moved the man & his reflection, created more pathways, and changed the background bushes. 

2: capturing the selected image
I took this photo recently through the metal fence. The reflections in the pond hooked me. (I guess this area is called a "golf hazard"). I tried to find the exact spot via Google Street Views --after I took the photo, but no luck. This Google image capture was shows you part of the golf course though.

1: planning the destination
We are in Liberty Lake WA. Lots of golfers around here. In fact, I'm sure the golf carts on the city sidewalks have priority over pedestrians...

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