Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Destination: Death Valley National Park

day 2: Capturing the selected image
I'd love to see Death Valley when the desert transforms into a rare burst of Springtime color; when enough rain calls forth the dormant wildflower seeds into a sea of gold, purple, pink or white.

But I have been to Death Valley. It was in the Summer, and it was H•O•T!!! This particular Summer, when I was still a kid, my dad (and I) drove to Death Valley, destination Scotty's Castle. Sitting in the passenger seat of his Nash Rambler with no AC, I can remember extreme lethargy. Maybe I went into a temporary coma/I don't know/I could barely breathe. But my dad, somehow, drove onward, to our oasis.

So, I'm going to paint Scotty's Castle from the comfort of my art studio. I'll be thinking of my dad too, and thanking him for this --just one of many-- summer road trip adventures.

oasis in the arid desert with palm trees surrounding a castle
Google Maps/Street View image capture of Scotty's Castle in Death Valley Desert

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