Sunday, June 15, 2014

Road Through Denali, 41

5: thoughts between paintings
"The Mountains are calling, and I must go."    ~John Muir

4: the finished painting
Trying to balance the warm & cool colors, lights & darks, hard & soft edges, brushstrokes, line directions...
Whew, it's like climbing a mountain!

This painting has been sold.
Road Through Denali, 7.5x10" original oil painting by puci

3: creating the pre-painting composition (using Adobe Photoshop)
Not sure how to approach this painting. Hate that...

2: capturing the selected image
An interesting view. That sign to the right says "Nenana River".

1: planning the destination
The challenge arose to paint a mountain. For some unknown reason, of all the mountains in all the world, this particular chain of mountains within Denali National Park surfaced.

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