Saturday, February 6, 2016

Majorca Oasis, Majorca Spain, 52

The Finished Painting  
I was originally strolling down various streets (via the online Google Street Views) in Majorca looking for interesting doorways, open windows or other portals. This scene with the woman-by-the-pool caught my eye, yet I still had the portal idea on my mind. So I strolled a bit further on & saw a canopy of large ferns (with those lovely patterns of-light-and-dark) just down the road. I knew this could be a lovely, intriguing and hopefully evocative painting if I combined the two... AND it would be a portal of sorts. 

"Majorca Oasis" is for sale:
MAJORCA OASIS, 8.5x11.5 oil painting by puci

Visual Inspiration
This young woman is intriguing as the center point of the portal behind the palm tree.
Google Street Views, Majorca Spain

The Destination
I'm traveling with The Virtual Paintout group again, and this month we're meeting in Spain, specifically in Majorca (or Mallorca) for some virtual painting via Google Street Views. Here's a direct link to the spot where I discovered this woman-by-the-pool (she appears to have been so engrossed in her book when the Google Camera person went by that she didn't even notice; but her companions did):
Spain with the island of Mallorca, Google Maps

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