Thursday, February 18, 2016

A Way In, 53

The Finished Painting  
I found my portal! (referring to the previous post #52). 
It is in the town of town of Santanyî on the island of Majorca Spain.

"A Way In" is for sale
A WAY IN, 8X10" oil painting by puci


Visual Inspiration
The colors I chose for the house & Spanish window were inspired by... my parents. Their house was a pinkish stucco with blue-green trim. This house where I grew up was also in a Mediterranean climate (San Francisco CA), & when the fog lifted, the colors became crisp & clear. I always think of my beloved mother & father when I see these colors together.
Google Street Views. Majorca Spain

The Destination
This is my submission to The Virtual Paintout this month, a group of painters from around the world led by artist Bill Guffy. Bill chooses different locations each month for us to "meet" and to find visual inspiration as we wander the streets via Google Street Views. Here's a direct link to the spot I've decided to paint:
Spain with the island of Mallorca, Google Maps

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