Thursday, May 17, 2018

Mountain, Interrupted

The Finished Painting
This is part of the Absoroka mountain range that we can see from our window. New power lines were recently put in all around the area (we are now surrounded by lines & poles). For this painting, I replaced one power line in my view with this Cassin Finch on a barbed wire. (I just wasn't in the mood to paint the idealized mountain scene today.)

This painting "Mountain, Interrupted" is for sale. Please email me to chat. I'm asking $105.

MOUNTAIN, INTERRUPTED  11x14" oil on canvas

My composition, ready to print out as my painting guide
I took the photo of the mountains through a monocular and decided to retain the "port hole" for the painting. I found the finch & the barbed wire online.
Photoshop composition with detail, to use as my guide when painting

The Destination
I've picked up with the Daily Paintworks gang again, my goal being 1 painting a week (along with my custom paintings) inspired from their weekly painting challenge. This week, the challenge is to paint a mountain.

A Google Street View of the general area, from August 2012 (lots of smoke in the air that summer)

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