Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Finished Painting: SANTA CATARINA

day 4: the finished painting
Somehow an imaginary storm swept through my art studio as I was painting "Santa Catarina" (perhaps a reflection of the current state of affairs in much of Mexico...?) and I decided to ride it out by creating a stark contrast between the sky and clothes/fabrics on the lines, reminiscent of those rare moments when the sun breaks through the dark clouds to illuminate select objects. Creating movement was also of course important, and the 3 poles are meant to allude to masts of a ship being tossed at sea.

Sorry, "Santa Catarina" is for sale/sold
original oil painting by puci, interpretation of Googls Maps, Street Views of Santa Catarina Mexico
Santa Catarina
8x10" oil on 1/4" thick prepared hardwood panel by puci

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