Thursday, July 4, 2013

Google Street Views: Mexico

day 1: Planning the destination
We'll be going back&forth, up&down and all around our beautiful planet. But for now, let's head on over to ... Mexico.

For those of you who just can't decide where in the world to go, here's a fun way to travel:
• click on this link:
• look to the right to find a list of available countries
• move your mouse over those countries
• pick one by clicking on it; click "Go!" and you'll be plopped down ...somewhere in that country

If you're new to Goggle Street Views, here's some basic stuff to help you get around:
~ to move in a straight line: click on one of the arrows on the ground or click on the circle that should appear in the distance. (btw, moving forward via this site is very slow-going!)
~ to go North, South, East or West: grab the "N" (upper left) with your mouse and move it in a circle
~ to zoom in or out: click on the + or -

Have fun! Comment about your experiences on this blog if you like. Salute! ~puci

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