Friday, February 21, 2014

Angeles, 31

day 5: a day (or more) of rest

Angel Clouds, a poem by Diane M. Merlau
I was gazing up into the sky
When something caught my eye
A cloud that hovered up so high
Casting a beauty I couldn't deny

There was a name attached to it
One that made me smile a bit
"For Your Escape", it did elicit
Even if for just one minute

So when you start to feel the stress
That keeps you from a happiness
Remember the cloud that does profess
That your needs are its only purpose.

day 4: the finished painting
You'd think that clouds would be easy to paint, but they're not. They aren't really white either, but rather a subtle array of various hues. (Btw, you can see that the barbed wired idea didn't work; nor did the fence.)

This painting will soon be for sale in my online store (with more photos too):
ANGELES, 8x10" original oil painting by puci

day 3: creating the pre-painting composition (using Adobe Photoshop)
My idea is to juxapose the angelic free-floating clouds with the barbed-wire fence. We'll see how that goes. Might not work...

day 2: capturing the selected image
I took a detour when traveling the superhighway via Google Street Views... and went the way of a few live web cams. Somehow I happened upon this moment in time in Los Angeles CA, USA. You gotta agree, these clouds are amazing! After some investigating, I discovered that these are Altocumulus Castelanus clouds, or nicknamed "jellyfish clouds". Well, I think they are like angel clouds, and finding them hovering over "The City of Angels" was, in my humble opinion, quite a find.

I also found a pretty good Google Street View in LA to use as the land area below the Angel Clouds.

day 1: planning the destination
The destination is Los Angeles, California, USA.

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