Saturday, October 5, 2013

Red Bridge, Spokane Washington USA, 21

day 5: a day (or more) of rest
“If we know exactly where we're going, exactly how to get there, and exactly what we'll see along the way, we won't learn anything.” ~M. Scott Peck (from The Road Less Traveled)
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day 4: the finished painting
The distant green trees on a sunny day tend to take on a muted tone. The cross you see in the distance marks a cemetary.

"Red Bridge" is for sale (and w/more photos too):
"Red Bridge" 5x7" original oil painting by puci

day 3: creating the pre-painting composition (using Adobe Photoshop)
This was created from one of my own photos. But you can see that really it's from a very similar vantage point as the Google image, but much clearer and closer-in.
My photo of the area with some modifications made using Adobe Photoshop
day 2: capturing the selected image
This is the Google Street View image of this area. The image date is August 2008, and the mighty river is still running swift and high even in the summertime. (If you look closely, you can see the wake made by the water as it passes around the pillars of the bridge.)
The Google Maps / Google Street View image of this area known as "People's Park"

day 1: planning the destination
There is a place near the Spokane River known as "People's Park" where the red foot bridge crosses over the river. The city of Spokane Washington is unique in that it has a vital river running through the middle of town. Amazing views abound all along the river. I've taken many photos myself, and the resulting painting will be inspired by the Google Street View image plus by my own photo.

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